After having meetings with about 20 banks across the whole Europe on European Banking Forum in Frankfurt, 15th and 16th of October 2014, we can conclude with this main observation:

  • Digitalized retail banks number 1 priority is, as soon as the right mobile security is proven, to put the entire bank branch into the pocket of their customers through a single device, -their mobile phones.

The Protectoria Synthetic PIN for mobile apps is a novel, innovative and patent pending technology. It enables banks to go fully mobile without troubling with the severe security concerns of today, as stated in the OWASP’s list of the 10 highest risks for mobile devices, ref:

Product Mission:  Enable our clients to be the most admired in respect of convenience and security

Our technological break-through lays in the unique combination of;

(i)             having a second –out of IP –security channel, together with

(ii)            a continuously randomized, obfuscated and tamper-proof mobile app, and

(iii)           everything within the mobile phone itself!

The technical results of these out-performing technological capabilities are:

(i)             providing strong and ECB compliant authentication,

(ii)            neutralizing the remote-man-in-the-end and

(iii)           completely removal of the man-in-the-middle

The commercial results of these out-performing technological capabilities are:

  • Extremely good convenience for the end user
  • Better and more sophisticated banking services
  • More competitive banking services
  • Enabling large cost reduction on the banks delivery chain
  • Enabling for a more sustainable risk policy and a more effective and altruistic fraud management and dispute resolution with customers

“I cannot see any other mobile banking security solution above or next to Protectoria Synthetic PIN for mobile devices.”

(Security Information Officer, One of the Largest Banking Groups in Europe)