PwC have released their Global Economic Crime Survey. They estimate that cybercrime in the UK is up 20% in two years. They estimate that cybercrime is accounting for 44% of crime affecting organisations, compared with the global corresponding estimate of 32%.

We have seen in the later years the increasing cybercrime activity targeting banks and money transfers. There is clearly a big problem with information theft in the fact that nothing necessarily seems to be missing, and for that reason it´s not given that all organisations even discover that they have been exposed to cybercrime.

There are obviously several viable steps to take to reduce the risk of becoming the next victim of cybercrime. There is though hard to ignore the importance of access control. The problem with many of the currently used access controls is their lack of protection against the skilled attackers.

When the cybercrime professionals hit your company, they will likely infect your internal systems or your employees systems with complex Trojans that easily will be able to get data, passwords and usernames extracted.

What to do? Obviously a lot (so please read the PwC report for additional ideas), but we recommend that you insert a really good authentication and authorization solution, which hinders unauthorized access.

In Protectoria we are dedicated to help our clients protect their valuables, whether information or money.

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