Super user level malware: an upcoming threat

It might come as a surprise to those who follow computer security news that the security vulnerabilities that get the most attention in the media, such as Stagefright, Quadrooter and the Trident iOS exploits,  are, in fact, rarely used for banking fraud. What they do is give an attacker so-called root or superuser level access, [...]

Qadar banking malware stayed under the radar for 3 years, according to IBM

The operators of the Qadar banking malware have attacked banks worldwide for 3 years, continuously adapting their defences against detection with more and more sophistication. 18 UK banks have been attacked since August 2016. Losses are not disclosed. IBM states: “…this Trojan has been flying under the radar for over three years, attacking banks in [...]

Just view a picture on an Android phone and get 100% hacked

900 million phones are systematically open for this hack, called Quadrooter, which was detected in early August 2016. The toxic effect of this attack is that it is providing the hacker a 100% remote takeover with root-access over the operating system. At this position the hacker can steal and manipulate everything, including financial transactions and gain [...]

What the Trident iOS exploits reveal about future mobile security challenges

On August 24th 2016, Apple released a security update for iOS devices which addressed a trio of vulnerabilities that has become known as Trident. The backstory for this patch is interesting: A human rights activist in Saudi Arabia, Ahmed Mansoor, received a suspicious text message promising new information on torture in the United Arab Emirates. [...]

Press Release: Outsmarting the mobile phone hackers through innovation

Protectoria announced today a technological break-through for payment transaction security.  The technology enables PSD2 (Payment Services Directive II) security compliance for payments for a single smartphone without any other pre-requisites other than an Internet connection and a security enhanced payment app.  The security solution -The Protectoria Secure Mobile Platform- has been analysed and independently verified [...]