The operators of the Qadar banking malware have attacked banks worldwide for 3 years, continuously adapting their defences against detection with more and more sophistication. 18 UK banks have been attacked since August 2016. Losses are not disclosed.

IBM states: “…this Trojan has been flying under the radar for over three years, attacking banks in different regions using advanced features and capabilities. It’s possible that Qadars attack volumes remain limited because its operators choose to focus on specific countries in each of their infection sprees, likely to keep their operation focused and less visible.”

Qadar v3 is a good example of how advanced malware has become, and illustrates why reactive fraud detection strategies are becoming less relevant.

The increase in sophisticated attacks illustrate the importance of active protection mechanisms.Protectoria Secure Mobile Platform provides the mechanisms required to deal with these types of advanced attacks, in order to protect both you and your customers from fraud.