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Protectoria and Prosa Securities in the Norwegian financial press 

Protectoria has recently launched our latest solution for PSD2 compliant authentication on one device only. Our solution (PSMP) has been through a security evaluation by a German security evaluation company (SRC). In the process of developing and preparing this software Prosa Securities has proven a valuable partner, offering in-depth tools for analyzing the strength and [...]

The threat of insecure networked devices

For more than a decade, criminals have been hacking into large number of Internet-connected devices in order to further their goals. They then connect them into a network commonly known as a botnet, which allows them to control large numbers of devices. The word botnet is a combination of the words robot and network. Originally, [...]

New social engineering methods used by the AceKard Trojan

The AceKard Trojan has become one of the major worldwide threats against banks all over the world. First being detected in January 2014 it originally attacked banking users only in Russia, but currently users in Europe, USA and Australia are also being attacked. The modus operandi of AceKard was originally like other strands of malware: [...]

Systemic cyber security risks ahead on critical infrastructures

This month a report released by the U.S. Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT) revealed how vulnerable Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA) really are. Even though these systems were never built for running on computers connected to open networks, they are now more and more often being [...]