The Protectoria Secure Mobile Platform enables you to put your entire bank branch with complete service levels into the digital channels of your choice, even under high levels of risk. Meeting the increased public security requirements is a given!

Using new and unique security measurements, we are able to create an uncompromised and optimized user experience. PSMP is built to operate independently of your digital banking release cycles, but it can be white-labeled to give your clients a consistent banking experience.

PSMP supports both authentication and authorization compliant with the latest public requirements, as per the SecuRePay framework from the European Banking Authority.


PSMP enables remittance service providers with international mobile services to security enhance and scale the service levels on credit transfer transaction security.

The PSD2 enables innovative remittance service providers with the so called One-leg principle, which according to the European Commission then capture the transaction compliance as long as the service is offered from EU/EEA territory.

This creates a huge business opportunity for the remittance services providers in terms of payment market corridors, service quality and reduced compliance complexity, given that the mobile security solution meets the PSD2 requirements.

Payment Business Whitepaper

For further information, please contact Protectoria at or via the website

Protectoria – How It Works

For further information, please contact Protectoria at or via the website


PSMP enables mCommerce service providers enhance users purchase experience through enhance and compliant security for the future.
Consequently, may have the option of proceeding with current card schemes or take a position as a Payment Initiation Provider as illustrated below.

With the mCommerce as s single mobile user experience Merchants have the opportunity to seamlessly integrate Direct Debit eMandates into the purchasing app. Being compliant under PSD2 with the right technology Merchants achieves this competitive edge:

  • One-click mobile payments
  • Cross border immediate payment execution
  • Frictionless and fraud less user experience
  • Frictionless and fraud less corporate experience, achieved through fully scaled digital payment service levels (any sender/any recipient/any amount), continuously upheld even under high risk

This creates a huge business opportunity for the Merchant in terms of access to markets, service quality and reduced costs and liabilities, given that the mobile security solution meets the PSD2 requirements.


PSMP functionality may be provided as a Cloud service through PSMP partners.

ICOS Payments Ltd is a subsidiary of Protectoria in Ireland that offers authentication and transaction authorization as a service for those customer that not require the PSMP software to be installed on its local infrastructure.

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Banking has gone digital. We have responded to the needs of banks and their customers by developing a secure authentication and authorization solution.

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